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The Wheeler Dealer Pawn Shop in Bay City, MI buys different kinds of jewelry and equipment that you want to sell such as archery, jewelry, cameras, TVs, DVDs, watches, and cars. We also buy trucks, RVs, boats, tools, and musical instruments among others. We also sell wholesale jewelry and custom jewelry repair. 989-545-0912


The Wheeler Dealer Pawn Shop in Bay City, MI buys, sells, and trades Cameras, TVs, DVDs, Computers, Laptops, Gaming Systems, Collectibles, Watches, Cars, Tools, Fishing Gear, Bows, Musical Instruments and Equipment and so much more! With an ever changing inventory our store is different every time you come in! Take a sneak peak of our store here!

Logo-ButtonWhether buying, selling or trading, we at Wheeler Dealer Super Pawnshop strive to give you the best deals and most money for what you are selling or trading. Find out more about us and our policies here!

Located in Bay City MI, our Buy, Sell, Trade, pawnshop provides the saginaw bay region with the best selection of used and new items for sale well under store prices. Come in today to find what your looking for at a price you didn’t know you could find! See location here!